Rocking a moustache this Movember says a lot about you, don’t let it tell the world you’re a closet toy train enthusiast.

This article is all about telling you how best to rock the mo and do so with the highest levels of cool.

Grow it like a boss

Start with a clean shave, a great ‘stache is all in the planning like any work of art. As the days and weeks go by you’ll be able to train the hair and plan ahead. It will take about two weeks before you can rock the mo you always deamplt of, all the while make sure to comb the flavour saver and trim with scissors to ensure you create the right shape.

Trim that warlock

A beautifully landscaped garden needs constant upkeep, your moustache is the same.  Trimming should be done once a month at least but ideally every few days to keep on top of things and avoid it getting out of hand. Trimming above the lip, tidying those wily hairs on the edges and generally thinning it out from time-to-time is best practice.

To shampoo or not to shampoo?

Anti-dandruff shampoo is the bomb. A tiny amount massaged into the ‘stache during your shower will work wonders, and once massaged in allow it to soak in the soapy suds and rinse at the end. A soft, supple, moustache is much more manigable and not to mention easier to trim after a vigarous wash.

Products are your friend, friend

You don’t want the wrong kind of attention being paid to the mo, so you may need to use product. Elixirs to keep it healthy and glowing are an excellent choice for every caring mo-father. A good quality bees-wax will help bring down the volume of a ‘stache to avoid it looking too fluffy and taking over the face. Check out what is on offer online and see what suits your style and hair type.

Is you mo big enough?

Leaving the mo to run wild may feel manly but you’ll just look like a caveman instead. Know the style you want before you head off on your ‘stache-venture. When it grows beyond what you want, trim! Trimming is your friend, friend. A fine comb and a pair of sharp scissors should in your bathroom at all times for use every morning in shaping your new friend.

Keep the bad boy clean

A glass of milk or a cappuccino is a mo-fathers worst nightmare, don’t let things accumulate in the ‘stache. Keep product in your bag and always rinse the mo after meals and drinks. Before bed always give it a wash to avoid a build-up of particles.

Looking after your flavour saver is as important as making sure you’re always smelling fresh and dressed sharp. A poor moustache will say a lot about you and give off the wrong impression, so this Movember make sure you change the face of mens health and the perception of the mustachioed man.


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