Being bald is clearly very sexy, as we know from my last post, but how about combining that sexy with a bear that will undoubtedly blow the minds of every warm-blooded animal for miles around?

Here are 6 reasons why you should embrace being bald and combine with a well maintained beard to increase the appeal.

1. Beards make you look smarter, bald heads make you look cooler

It’s as simple as pie, a bear makes you look more intelligent and wiser. Combine that with the fact that your bald head makes you look cooler and there you have it! Cool and inteligent, you’ll be swimming in compliments in no time.

2. There’s something oddly confidence boosting in being bald and bearded

After I visit my barber and have a cut throat shave on the noggin and a quality beard trim I feel like a boss. I strut into the streets waving at strangers, kissing babies and shaking hands. The world loves me and I love it. Being bald and bearded has a strange confidence boosting effect that I cannot explain but know is very, very real.

3. Potential lovers like to touch your beard

I mentioned before that potential lovers love to rub a bald head, be it for good luck or a strange fetish and the same is true of beards. I guess having the two things working in tandem blows their minds a bit and thus I find myself with slender fingers running through my bard and soft palms atop my head for around 80% of my day.

52r7t7x8cpi-angelina-litvinLook how cool this dude is, wise, tough and ready for anything!

4. Loads of awesome people have bald heads and beards

Sean Connery, yeah, James Bond currently rocks a bald head and beard combo. Michael Stipe… that R.E.M guy, rocks a sweet beard and shaved head combo too and he gets to hang out with Liv Tyler all the time. Jason Statham has beaten up more mean and had more car chases than anyone I know, short beard and bald head made that happen!

5. Beards add to your sex appeal

Being bald is cool, embracing the march of time and accepting life for what it is quite simply is sexy. Throw a beard into the mix and we have a real winner. A bearded man is 129% more likely to find a deep and meaningful relationship with an 83% hotter partner than a non-bearded chap. That’s just impossible math, so it has to be a fact!

6. You’ll never be in a fight again

Two things hold you back in a fight, lots of head hair and a beard. Both things offer items to grab when in a tussle with another chap. Why not play a ming trick on that would be assailant then? Shave your head to show that you are ready if the day comes, you have less grabbage on offer. However, grow the beard as a statement too, the beard says “I got this, I’m tougher than you, even with my beard holding me back”. Assassins and bare knuckle fighters alike will cower away from you and thus you’ll have a less confrontational life simply because your bald head says “I’m prepared” and your beard says “Let’s have it big man”!

That’s all the reasons you need, so get down to Noggins of Newton and mention this article for 50% off your beard trim and shape plus 20% off beard care roducts.


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