10 Tips For Surviving Shared Accommodation

We all have to do it, we all think it majoritivley sucks, but we all have to do it at some point in time. Living in a big city, between jobs, working on personal ventures or couch surfing around the world; there will always be a time you have to live in close quarters with people…Read more 10 Tips For Surviving Shared Accommodation

Is Hip Hop Dead?

Is hip hop dead? A wise man once said that it was but, perhaps, for all his wisdom and smarts Nas was wrong when he said that back in 2007. Hip hop then seemed to be stagnating, it seemed to have become another cog in the machine of churning cash for the fat white people in enormous buildings all over the world. All the while the movement that started hip hop on the course it was currently on was being ignored, the people and places that birthed hip hop had become just as poor and desolate as the times that fed its creation.